At Vixen Nails • Salon • Spa, it is our duty to go over and above government regulated sanitization procedures. In an industry where the majority of the establishments cut corners to save costs, we take it upon ourselves to be different, spend more money and take pride in our stringent sanitization practices for the health of our employees and our valued clients.


  • We never reuse anything that CANNOT be sterilized such as foot files, nail files, buffer blocks & toe separators. All of those items are only used once per client. Our clients leave with them or they are thrown out, unlike other nail salons & spas
  • We do not store or keep you buffer blocks and nail files for clients as this is highly unsanitary
  • Stainless steel implements are disinfected in Accel Hydrogen Peroxide CS20 Solution which is a high-grade disinfectant that is environmentally friendly possessing disinfectant strength that is over and above regulated standards (not just alcohol)
  • Pedicure bowls are washed in detergent, disinfected with Accel Hydrotherapy Solution and shined with Alcohol
  • We never double dip in our wax and we use disposable spatulas for every wax service to prevent the spread of any skin infections
  • Never do we reuse wax strips, paper sheets or gloves, this is extremely unhygienic, we absorb the minor costs for your health
  • Our Estheticians always use gloves during pedicures, waxing, and other sanitary procedures served
  • Our wax beds are always prepped, disinfected and lined with new examination paper after each client
  • All waxing garments are disposable and never reused


  • We use 100% genuine authentic reputable brands such as CND Shellac & Vinylux, OPI, Essie, Redken, Schwarzkopf & Olaplex just to name a few. We never use counterfeit products to reduce our costs as this compromises the quality of the service but most importantly the health of our clients and employees
  • Our Laser Hair Removal services are the best in the business by using patented technology to ensure client safety and the most effective results, Learn More
  • Our employees are legally eligible to work in Canada and compensated competitively plus commissions, overtime, and health & dental benefits. As company, we comply with all Canadian Employment Standards
  • We take the time invest in our team with on-going industry-leading education and training from our brand partners to maintain our skill sets to the highest standards
  • We strictly follow health regulations and do not service clients with fungal infections or any other contagious skin infections as it will jeopardize the health of our employees & clients
  • Our operating model enables us to operate with almost zero wait times guaranteeing clients with a smooth consistent service experience